Australian Pale Ale 4.8%
Hoppy Mid Lager 3.5%
Unfiltered Lager 4.2%
Farmhouse Cider 4.6%
Available Year Round
Noble Cut

When they're gone, they're gone.

Double Pale Ale
5.5% Hoppy Porter
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Brewed with our mates.

7.6% Barrel Aged Irish Red Ale
Brewed with our dawgz at The Courty
Rum & Raisin Brown Ale
Past Release

The Summer

Meet ‘The Summer’, our latest brew, made in cahoots with singer/songwriter and home brewer Josh Pyke. It’s Josh’s own recipe, with a couple of tweaks to take it from back shed brewing size proportions to a YH limited release. 

"I brewed my first batch of The Summer a couple of Christmases ago and have refined it since then.”  Josh tells us. “I basically wanted it to be a slightly more refined and interesting Lawnmower beer. A session beer, that had some interesting flavours in there, like ginger, lemon zest and toasted coriander seeds, but which was essentially a beer to enjoy over a long hot summers afternoon."

Josh's home-brew included fruit and spice flavours from toasted coriander seed and ginger, as well as the zest of a couple of backyard lemons. Clearly with scaling up the recipe from 20 litres to 4000 we were going to need a few more lemons. We put the call out to Josh’s fans to help source and zest the lemons, then come brew day we put Josh to work, getting those delicate musician hands a little dirty!

In the glass it’s straw yellow with a light, refreshing hop profile starring an all Aussie line-up of Ella, Galaxy and fittingly, Summer. Those backyard lemons come through on the nose with the coriander seed kicking back subtly on the palate.  To finesse the balance, oats were added to the recipe for a soft, silky mouthfeel. Young Henrys house ale yeast keeps things super local. 

"It was a lot like recording a song in the sense that you have to add the components in the right order and quantity until your sensibilities tell you it is “right”, Josh says. “Of course it’s also about cracking open the bottle and sharing the outcome with friends.”