Australian Pale Ale 4.8%
Hoppy Mid Lager 3.5%
Unfiltered Lager 4.2%
Farmhouse Cider 4.6%
Available Year Round
Noble Cut

When they're gone, they're gone.

Double Pale Ale
5.5% Hoppy Porter
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Brewed with our mates.

7.6% Barrel Aged Irish Red Ale
Brewed with our dawgz at The Courty
Rum & Raisin Brown Ale
Past Release

Pink Lightning

A collaborative brew with The Bottled Lightning Co...


A slightly tart pale ale, brewed with Golden Promise malt, rolled wheat and Kohatu hops. Sprinkled with hibiscus flowers, stirred with elderflowers. A light blush of colour and a curiosity to taste.